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The Scissors is a popular around merchandiser. It is an amusement machine designed for playing in amusement parks, festivities, cinemas, clubs, bars, etc. Components of the device are compliant with safety standards. Attractive design, intresting musical arrangements and a wide range of prizes are just some of many advantages of this machine.

Every game, even when failed, is rewarded with a capsule with prize, and the game itself gives us the opportunity to win a valuable prize.

Player use two buttons to control vertical and horizontal movements of Scissors, mounted on a motorised mechanism. The aim of the game is to cut the string, on which are hanging the prizes. When Scissors are correctly positioned, the prize will cut off and won!


Technical parameters:
Height: 2,10 m Length: 1,20 m Width: 0,80 m + 11cm Weight: 230 kg

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