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New and exciting!

Speed-ball WIK is a unique machine that combines the best features of a table football and an air hockey. The spirit of this game is a super-fast ball hit by a pair of special paddles- just squeez the handles! The goal is to score more points than the oponent. The speed may be modulated by the power ued to squeeze the handle. It is also possible to steer the ball thanks to the paddles' curved edges. New to the market, Speed-ball WIK has already gained huge popularity all over the world. Exciting experience for 2 or 4 players

Technical information:

  • electronic coin acceptor COMESTERO RM5
  • polycarbonate playfield
  • digital score display
  • power supply 230v/50Hz
  • power consumption: 62 W demo, 104 W game
  • factory settings: 20 goals and 5 minutes


  • external size 91 x 161 x 92 cm,
  • package size 97 x 169 x 48 cm
  • net weight 138 kg, gross weight 140 kg
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